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Fastest growing social learning network with over 15,000 interactive tutorials, 1000+ tutors/consultants, 450,000+ Q&A, and over 3,000,000 books/resources.
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Connect with people in your local area and from around the world
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Study and Learn with friends and teachers without walls
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Interact, socialize and learn. instant access to over 5,000,000 educational resources at any level.
We delight in your mental and intellectual development. Come get some spark absolutely Free in our digital classroom. SIGN-UP and Take courses Free in various categories: Junior and Senior Secondary , High School, Collages, Universities, WAEC, JAMB. Career and Professional course: PMP, CCNA, ICAN, Branding etc. It's all yours...
Its not just us who are excited about our network
We dare to say that you are not permitted to fail with even 1%. This is what we guarantee on qCefa Social Learning Network

Qcefa.com Unveils Radical Initiative to Incorporate Social Networking into Youth Education.This web application is targeted to elevate education by utilizing the world ...

“qcefa takes quality education to the web in a new, cheap, instructive, and interactive way; proves education can be without walls!”

Etisalat believes innovation should go beyond improvements in existing products & services and instead have real valuable social or economic impact to customers.

21st century is an age where only smart people survive. Don’t be left out! www.qcefa.com is a digital classroom that makes you smart, witty and 21st century enabled.